Help reinvent the bus network until July 31

The MBTA wants to hear from the public about travel habits and destinations as part of its project to overhaul its bus network.

the the survey is available here, and will be open until Saturday July 31.

MBTA says it is embarking on this project to reshape the bus network to make it easier to understand, create a more equitable network, make public transit a competitive alternative to driving, and maximize access to opportunities. .

The MBTA intends to work with municipalities and residents over the summer, develop a draft network overhaul proposal for review in fall / winter 2021-2022, and present a final map of the network. network for approval next spring.

The redesign builds on recent efforts to overhaul the bus system and improve transit service, including route changes that took place in fall / winter 2019, service pilots from early morning and late evening buses in 2018-2019, improvements to the accessibility of bus stops and priority for public transit by bus. .

The City of Arlington has been a part of this effort, most notably with the Rapid Bus Pilot Project which was tested in the fall of 2018 and made permanent on Mass Avenue. in East Arlington in the fall of 2019.

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More information on the redesign on the MBTA website, including the materials of the virtual meeting held on June 8.

For questions regarding public transportation in Arlington, contact Daniel Amstutz, Senior Transportation Planner in the Arlington Department of Planning and Community Development at 781-316-3093 or damstutz at

December 28, 2020: MBTA to bank US relief funds; city ​​details Arlington cuts

This press announcement, which seeks the opinion, was published on Monday, July 12, 2021.

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