How LA-based artist Punkmetender is taking over the art world

Art is the artillery used by artists to convey a message. It is a powerful communication tool that can be used to change and impact society. For some artists like Punkmetender, art is more than just a communication tool, but an avenue that opens up the world for others to think beyond their potential.

Punkmetender is a contemporary artist known for creating physical and digital artwork. The Los Angeles-based artist has taken the art world by storm with her authentic and captivating pieces that address issues affecting society. Punkmetender creates a peaceful world for everyone through his works that advocate freedom and love. He believes in sharing through visuals because it is the only medium that knows no geographical boundaries.

A master of his craft, Punkmetender has been involved in various projects, including street art. He also worked with the talented Mr. Brainwash for over 17 years, collaborating on numerous projects. Punkmetender was also featured in the Banksy movie Exit through the gift shop.

Notable highlights of Punkmetender’s career include creating art for prominent personalities Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Mariah Carey and Sofia Vergara. Working with these people has been important for his career. This not only enhances his creativity, but also pushes his limits to create more outstanding works of art.

A dynamic and ambitious artist, Punkmetender also creates PUNKANGELSNFT, a new NFT community. It’s an exciting project that will incubate new talent while allowing the entire metaverse to push its abilities towards success. Punkmetender says he will team up with other experts in the field to guide, promote and produce NFTs. His ambition is to create a one-of-a-kind collection to venture into the metaverse space.

Although he is on the right path to success, Punkmetender says the journey has not been easy. He faced many challenges, which he managed to overcome.

“Life is a challenge. I overcome it every day with discipline, motivation, passion and self-confidence,” says Punkmetender.

One of the main lessons life has taught him is the power of resilience, hard work and teamwork. You can still walk fast as an individual, but you’ll definitely need a team to go far. Punkmetender believes in identifying like-minded people with the same or even higher goals than you. Having such a team by your side can be fruitful in keeping you under control. Punkmetender adds that they can be resourceful, especially when the going gets tough.

Moreover, art is a creative space and you must have an authentic identity that distinguishes you from others. This makes Punkmetender believe that you don’t need a special network to distribute your work. It’s relatively easy for artists now that NFTs are revolutionizing the space. He sees NFTs as the way forward for young artists and a reason why they should trust their works.

In the years to come, Punkmetender plans to create for a major high fashion brand. He is also looking forward to creating his masterpiece, a public monument for the city of Los Angeles.

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