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A painting by former Independent South Coast State member John Hatten AO will be auctioned off by the Huskisson Heritage Association next month. John Hatton has lived in Huskisson since the 1960s and has always found the time to work for the local community. His role in establishing the Lady Denman Museum (now the Jervis Bay Maritime Museum) is well known, and he and his wife Vera have devoted endless hours of volunteer work to this and other projects. Prior to entering state politics, he was chairman of the Shoalhaven Shire, a forerunner of today’s Shoalhaven City Council. Joanne Warren, a member of the Huskisson Heritage Association, said John has fought to keep Jervis Bay’s environmental sustainability against plans for coal-fired facilities, a nuclear reactor and steel production. “You name it, the plans to ruin our beautiful region have been big and ugly, and Hatton has fought at every turn to stop these local disasters,” she said. Read more: Jack de Belin’s Jury Says He Cannot Render a Verdict Today John spends much of his time taking care of his wife, but he is still actively involved in political matters and community. In 2007, he led the fight against height checks for Huskisson which would have given him 6-story buildings – a fight which is again in the foreground if the proposed development off the former Anglican Church site Huskisson was moving forward. “The Huskisson Heritage Association deplores the determination of the developers and their supporters of Shoalhaven City Council to destroy the livability and charm of Huskisson, and John Hatton has been a supporter since our official protests began in 2018,” said Joanne. The support includes the foundation of a Blenheim Beach painting, signed and dated February 2021. The funds raised will go to the struggle of the Huskisson heritage associations to maintain the block in the center of Huskisson as it is today with its Cyril Blacket church, old trees and cemetery. Joanne said the group continues to fight development. Read more: New Cardiothoracic Service for Illawarra “Just a reminder to anyone who thinks this is done and dusted off – the land has not been sold,” she said. “It was not rezoned for commercial purposes. The planning proposal is only at a preliminary stage. The community has not yet had the opportunity to comment. ” The federal government‘s independent inquiry into Indigenous significance has yet to be reported. And the community remains strong in its opposition to this sorry and disrespectful plan to destroy the best of Huskisson. “John Hatton’s painting is currently on display at Boobooks on Wen Street, Huskisson. You can also find it at You can place early offers by contacting the email [email protected] with ‘Hatton bid’ ‘in the subject line, or better yet, head to the live auction at 1:30 p.m. on June 12 at Huskisson Heritage Association Huskies Heritage Day at Dent Street Community Center and Jervis Maritime Museum Bay.



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