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LOWVILLE – The public has the opportunity to own a piece from the 200th Lewis County Fair. The Lewis County Agricultural Society is auctioning off four of the five original ARCY murals that were created during the 2021 Lewis County Fair.

“Several people approached us during the fair asking us to buy the murals, so the only fair way was to put them up for auction,” said Fair Board Chairman Doug Hanno.

Ryan Christenson, aka ARCY, is an American graffiti artist and muralist from Connecticut who shares his large-scale splash-style street art in many places using spray paint to capture images. At the Lewis County Fair, he created murals of farm animals.

Mr Hanno said the fair’s board of directors decided to keep the exceptional cow fresco because it was more symbolic of County Lewis.

Auctions for the other four murals can be made on wdt.me/FairMurals until 8 p.m. Friday.

Paintings of a goat, pig, rooster and sheep, each on three 4 by 8 foot plywood panels which are braced at the back by a frame to elevate the murals to 2 feet from the ground.

The winner of the murals will be responsible for removing the mural by 4 p.m. on August 13.

Pickup times will be scheduled with the Lewis County Fair Board at 315-376-8333. ARCY recommends the application of a water-based polyurethane if the wall paint is to remain in a permanent outdoor location.

Contact Rachel Lisk of the Lewis County Fair Board with any questions or to schedule a preview.

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