Olmsted Falls High School seniors paint their own parking spots; school to recognize the success of Bulldog graduates.

OLMSTED TOWNSHIP, Ohio – After a few tough years, Olmsted Falls High School Principal Leo Spagnola can’t wait until Thursday (August 26) for the start of the 2021-2022 school year.

“I am more than excited,” said Spagnola. “Just the dialogue that we have with our children – the children of the group, the athletic children, the children who come as student ambassadors to help with the transition of the first year students – who are back in the building, their enthusiasm has this energy permeated throughout my staff.

“It’s monumental and wonderful.

You can add color to the descriptor list given that last week seniors painted their own personal parking spots in the high school parking lot. Extracurricular endeavor of sorts started in earnest two years ago, but was put on hold last year due to distance learning.

“When we met my class counselors and others over the summer, that was one of the traditions the seniors wanted to carry on,” said Spagnola. “A lot of the ideas that people think come from the principal are really generated by the kids and what they want to be involved in.

“What I didn’t foresee was the number of parents who also got involved. They thanked me for creating these opportunities. The children needed help. Many of them haven’t painted anything that big. So moms and dads got to spend some quality time with their kids for an unintended ripple effect of a really cool time.

Olmsted Falls High School seniors painted their own parking spots

Olmsted Falls High School seniors painted their own parking spots. (John Benson / cleveland.com)

The only marching – or painting – orders given to the 292 students at Olmsted High School were that they were to purchase and display a parking card number on the parking space design.

Another thing Spagnola is working on for the upcoming school year is reassembling various displays – which were removed during a recent construction project – celebrating Bulldog graduates.

Olmsted Falls High School recently set up its Distinguished Hall of Fame

Olmsted Falls High School recently set up its Distinguished Hall of Fame. (Photo courtesy of Town of Olmsted Falls Schools)

“What happened was during construction they took everything apart and part of it was damaged during storage,” said Spagnola. “We are proceeding in phases. We have set up the Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame. Soon before winter sports, there will be our Track and Field Hall of Fame, the Ohio Hall of Fame, the Ohio Championships Council and that sort of thing.

However, the principal said the school is going beyond athletics to better serve its “Triple A” approach, which also includes the arts and academics.

“The next phase, because we want to celebrate the arts, is in our performing arts wing where we’re going to put up old posters, mailing lists and some of those awards and recognitions,” said Spagnola. “Then we’re going to finish it off with what I call the awesome wall. It will have all the academic and military branches that we have sent children to over the decades. We will also highlight different academic milestones such as perfect ACT scores and national accolades. These will go outside the hallway of the main office.

“We want all of our children to have this innocent wonder of life outside of Olmsted Falls and the next chapter of their lives. It is a way of showing how the children who have walked these halls before have been able to go to other places and be successful. We want our children to see that they will have whatever opportunities they choose.

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