Pantone launches LNQ ‘Wearable Internet’

world color authority Pantone announced a strategic partnership with Space laboratories (sLABS) for their first wearable hardware product, LNQ. The blockchain-based technology, coined by sLABS as “the portable internet”, was founded by digital architect Iddris Sandu and is backed by investment firm Marcy Venture Partners (MVP), co-founded by Shawn Carter (JAY -Z), Jay Brown, and Larry Marcus.

Acting as an entry point into the metaverse, LNQ will further enhance user experience in Web3 and foster connectivity through the intersection of technology, sustainability, culture and fashion.

“We identified a gap in the Web3 industry and took advantage of it to develop materials that would equip users and creatives with the tools they need to create, interact and share with their communities while connecting the physical and digital worlds. like never before,” commented sLABS and LNQ founder Iddris Sandu. “There are no words to describe how truly proud we are of the LNQ-enabled hardware we have created and are thrilled that our community and our users discover this world with us and our partners.”

The partnership between sLABS and Pantone covers digital and physical integrations; they’ll also be collaborating on a limited-edition apparel release, with more details to be announced later.

Pantone also collaborated with sLABS to formulate a collection of six colors reflecting the brand’s distinct identity. Rooted in connectivity and inspired by nature and biomimicry, the collection includes cosmic blue (PANTONE 2728 C), playful coral pink (PANTONE 709 C), faded lilac (PANTONE 2107 C), melting burnt orange (PANTONE 17-1449), charcoal black (PANTONE 19-4104) and muted creamy beige (PANTONE 13-0400). Together they established a solid foundation for future design.

“Ultimately, the goal was to select a selection of colors that could serve as physical touchpoints in a virtual world; colors that could live comfortably in a commercial fashion environment while maintaining a selected element and approach. “, explained Laurie, vice president of the Pantone Color Institute. Pressman. “Finding colors whose universal appeal could work and fade through gender norms and rules was essential, as was the desire for these colors to display a timeless, timeless quality.”

This partnership marks Pantone’s latest exploration of color across physical and digital properties such as the Metaverse. His most recent exploration into the metaverse includes projects with multidisciplinary artist Polygon1993, involving the release of nine unique NFTs inspired by Color of the Year, PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri. The company has revamped some of its products to improve workflow for design communities, including the September 2021 launch of Pantone Connect, which helps designers work seamlessly in the new hybrid environment.

“As we continue to explore the interoperability of physical and digital design within our products and services, it is important for us to work with partners who can provide concrete examples of how this digital future could be applied. in a practical way,” added Pantone. Elley Cheng, General Manager and Vice President. “We are excited to partner with sLABS and leverage our products and solutions to continue our mission to help the evolving needs and workflow of our design community. We are only at the beginning of this exploration, and we look forward to what will be a long-term partnership with sLABS and our future in color accuracy and design solutions across all different media.

Source: Pantone

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