PHOTOS: Painting continues at EPCOT / World Center Drive entrance arch ahead of Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary

Painting of the EPCOT / World Center Drive entrance arch continues at Walt Disney World. The workers are now concentrating on the arch that spans the road. The arcade is repainted to celebrate the resort’s 50th anniversary.

The job continues to move from right to left.


The right side is finished. The “Welcome to Walt Disney World Resort” sign is now painted royal blue with white lettering.


The background behind Minnie Mouse has also been repainted. For comparison, Mickey is still in front of the previous purple background.


The correct support columns have already been repainted. They are now finished in different shades of gray.


Some traffic lanes were closed. The paint crew uses various elevators to reach the arch panel.


Almost two-thirds of the bottom of the vault has been repainted in royal blue. The last time we checked the sign, the progress had not yet been halfway.


In addition to the royal blue background, the purple and green trim is repainted in gold. This work is also progressing from right to left. The brick red columns on either side of Mickey Mouse will soon be painted gray.


When complete, the text in Walt Disney World will be painted white. The golden flags will return and a banner “The most magical place in the world” will be installed at the bottom of the arch.


To get an idea of ​​what the completed EPCOT / World Center Drive Entrance Arch will look like, be sure to check out our article that covers the completed World Drive Arch.

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