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The annual Candy Dance is back for its 103rd year as the shopping and drinking weekend begins!

Every year, the Arts and Crafts Fair is held in Genoa, a tradition that began in 1919.

Now, after 100 years of operation, regular attendees – and new members – were eager to begin their weekend activities.

Two women, Lorie and Michelle, have been coming back every year for seven consecutive years.

“We start in the morning, go to all our favorite vendors and walk back,” they said. “We drink Bloody Marys, shop and eat.”

At the fair, there are around 300 food vendors, arts and crafts stalls, and shopping options for attendees. There are also some games and activities for children.

The Candy Dance is an all-day event on Saturday and Sunday that attracts a crowd of people who are just looking for a fun weekend.

When you arrive in Genoa, you can either park and walk or take a shuttle from the main car parks at Genoa Lane and Foothill Road. Parking is limited and costs $10 in main lots.

However, with the weather a bit warmer in the afternoon, a closer parking lot might be well worth the few dollars.

Diane Roberts, another Candy Dance regular, said she has been to the annual fair often and usually sees a lot of people. However, she warns that the lack of cell service can be difficult to manage, since the city is so far on the outskirts of other nearby locations.

“My husband always asks me why I’m coming if I’m not going to buy anything, but I just like people watching and walking [around]“, said Roberts.

Many people, like Roberts, gather, even on the hot days of the fair, to soak up the spirit of Genoa and sample the arts, crafts, food and liquor.

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