The artist sells an invisible sculpture for over Rs 13 lakh; also gives instructions on how to display

Can you believe that an Italian artist sold a sculpture that doesn’t really exist for 15,000 euros? Yes, you read that right! A 67-year-old artist created an invisible sculpture titled Io Sono (which means “I am”) and sold the intangible piece at an Art-Rite auction house for over Rs 13 lakh. The sculpture was to be auctioned for 6,000-9,000 euros, but ended up fetching 15,000 euros.

Since there is no physical representation of the sculpture, the new buyer instead received a receipt of payment to ensure the authenticity of the purchase.

According to the artist, the sculpture lived in its emptiness despite the fact that it had no physical form. When pitching his idea to buyers, Garau said he sold a vacuum cleaner. According to Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, according to which “nothing has weight”, a vacuum is nothing more than a speed full of energy.

The only tangible proof of the sculpture’s existence is the certificate of authenticity from the new owner, which bears similarities to NFT art. The sculpture “I Am” is an immaterial sculpture which exists only in the thought of the creator and does not exist in physical form.

The artist also gave instructions on how to display the sculpture. He said the sculpture was to be displayed in a five-by-five-dimensional, unobstructed space inside a “private” house.

The artist went on to say that by “exhibiting” an invisible artifact in a specific location, he was in fact attempting to focus the thoughts and perceptions of viewers on that empty space. As a result, the sculpture will take on a variety of shapes and colors.

The artist has also linked his work to the concept of “God”, which is also formless, but who would exist in the form in which we see them. “After all, aren’t we making a God we’ve never seen? The artist asked journalists.

According to the artist’s interview on the Art-Rite auction site, the other invisible sculpture he created is “Buddha in contemplation”, placed in Piazza Della Scala, in Milan.

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