The arts commission hopes to keep the sculpture

The Lone Tree Arts Commission discussed the renewal or possible purchase of the lease for the “Tuono” sculpture outside the Lone Tree Arts Center in a meeting on July 14. “Tuono” was installed in April of last year and its lease will end in April. 2022.

Larry Lovelace, chairman of the arts commission, explained that “Tuono” had been commissioned to replicate the building’s design. The sculpture was created by artists Collin Parson and Jodie Roth Cooper in Corten steel and mirror-polished stainless steel. It follows the same slope as the roof of the arts center.

Allissa Dailey, the town’s community events manager, spoke to one of the artists about acquiring the sculpture at the end of the lease and was told the purchase price was $ 100,000.

“It seemed to me that he wasn’t really ready to move a lot,” Dailey said. “He obviously mentioned that if we wanted to extend the lease, that would be an option. I didn’t necessarily get a figure on what it would be.

The committee discussed how this amount is unrealistic for their budget. Tonya Fallows, president of the Lone Tree Arts Guild and commission member, said: “It would be a huge event to raise this money.”

Julie Kemerling, vice-chairman of the commission, explained that the public assumes that art like “Tuono” is paid for by tax money, and sometimes it is, but usually not. .

“People just assume we buy it or whatever, but the general public doesn’t realize at all what it takes to get coins in Lone Tree, or any town, and how much it costs. “said Kemerling.

Lovelace said the willingness or reluctance of artists to renew Tuono’s lease next year will indicate whether or not they have found another home for the sculpture other than the arts center.

Fallows asked Dailey what amount the city thought would be more achievable.

“I mean it’s all really going to depend on taxes,” Dailey said. “From my understanding of these levels that were requested, I think the last level, if approved, is what might have the money for the mural, but I don’t think that there would be something beyond that would be able to incorporate that piece as well, so it would have to be an either or situation. “

Dailey refers to the “Mapping Our Future” initiative in Lone Tree, which proposes a 1% sales tax increase to help fund the city’s operations and services. The initiative’s first town hall will be held online on July 22.

Fallows explained that they should at least determine the cost of a renewed lease. Dailey said Tuono’s current lease starting last April is $ 5,000 with the cost of time and materials for the commission.

“Originally, kind of like Art Encounters, the intention was for them to build it, and then they would circulate it in that kind of frame, but since it was specifically designed for us with that in mind, it ‘That’s kind of how it happened,’ said committee member Michelle Bechamps.

Douglas County Art Encounters is a year-round outdoor sculpture exhibit across Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree and Parker, according to the Lone Tree Arts Center website.

“I mean we can always put it back in the Art Encounters or wherever they choose to rotate it and continue to rent it. It’s an option, no doubt, but there are also economies of scale, ”Bechamps said.

Lovelace asked the commission if anyone was against keeping “Tuono”, and no one said yes.

“I hope he never leaves,” Lovelace said.

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