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Sell ​​your house? What color are your walls? In today’s real estate market, the right decision could mean money in your pocket.

Online real estate company Zillow surveyed approximately 1,300 recent or potential buyers. The results suggest that the right colors in the right rooms will be rewarded.

Design specialist Amanda Pendleton said, “Zillow’s internal analysis of the paint revealed that homes that have pale blue bathrooms could sell for almost $ 4,700 more than expected.

On the flip side, Pendleton warns that popular colors from the past could actually cost you dearly.

“Mint green kitchens could sell for almost $ 1,800 less than expected. Bright yellow and bright red in the kitchen were also hated,” Pendleton said.

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In the study, 15 colors were rated based on potential responses from home buyers. One observation shows that the living room is not a place to take risks.

Pendleton’s advice? “It’s best to play it safe. You’re going to want to stick with neutrals like white and gray.”

According to Pendleton, crisp white hues have worked best in kitchens. In bedrooms, you can take a bolder approach, but color still matters.

“In those spaces, they actually preferred blue to all the other colors,” she said.

At first glance, the color choices may seem less important than other features of a home. However, it is perhaps the psychological impact that gives more influence to the color choices.

“Our brains try to process a lot of information in unfamiliar territory and that’s why certain cues like color have so much more of an impact on our decision-making,” Pendleton said.


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