TxDOT Unveils Giant Snake Sculpture to Launch Statewide Workplace Safety Campaign

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) – In an effort to remind drivers to stay safe and keep an eye out for Texas work zone crews, this week TxDOT erected a giant snake sculpture made entirely of barrels of orange traffic that had been hit by inattentive drivers, at the Texas Travel Information Center in Anthony, Texas, which is in the El Paso area.

TxDOT El Paso maintenance staff installed their bright orange snake sculpture to encourage Lone Star drivers statewide to be safe on Texas roads, especially in work and safety zones. highway construction, where road crews often work only meters away from fast-moving vehicles. on the roads of Texas

Next week is Work Zone Awareness Week, and TxDOT hopes the sculpture will remind people to slow down and stay alert as they traverse the thousands of work zones across Texas to protect themselves and others.

Traffic fatalities in Texas work zones rose 33% last year and claimed the lives of 244 people. And the total number of accidents in Texas highway construction and maintenance areas in 2021 also increased significantly to more than 26,000.

Drivers and their passengers accounted for the majority of those killed in the Texas work zone crash last year: 195 motorists or vehicle passengers were killed, 38 pedestrians, four cyclists and three roadside construction workers road. Speeding and inattentive drivers were among the main causes of accidents.

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