You are good ? The sculpture arrives at Gulfport

Stephen Oliver and his You Good? Traveling sculpture in the SPACEcraft exhibit in Lealman Park, Thursday, July 29. Photo by Abby Baker.

You might know him from his tie-dye peacemaking t-shirts that reign every week in the Fresh Gulfport Tuesday Market, or the boat sculpture that guards the Gulfport Casino Ballroom; but local artist Stephen Oliver is on a new traveling sculpture commissioned by a mental health campaign in Pinellas.

A public art concept featuring several of St. Petersburg’s most recent murals, Creative Pinellas’s You Good? The campaign awarded Oliver a grant for a mobile and usable piece of art containing information from the campaign’s hotline.

The result? An eight-foot-long Seussian swing with a lazy susan spinning in the center.

“I wanted to do something in the public arts sector, and I think a concept like this is important during pandemic days,” Oliver said of the naturally socially distanced two-seater.

A young girl in a red dress sitting on a yellow swing outdoors.
Selena Tran sits on the bouncy artwork. The campaign are you good? Mental health messages are sometimes lost on younger users. But spreading the joy is also a concept of the campaign, says Oliver. Photo by Abby Baker.

From early June to mid-August, Oliver and his colorful “mood ring” swing head to a variety of locations, including Lealman Park’s SPACEcraft public art exhibit, Safety Harbor’s Third Friday Farmer’s Market, a market from Tarpon Springs and more.

Closer to home, the swing came to Clymer Park in Gulfport on Thursday August 5 and will be there Saturday August 7 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. as part of the SPACEcraft event.

He made the colorful swing for kids, adults, and anyone who wants to squat on the moving swing, setting it up himself in every spot next to a You Good? merchandise, including tie-dye t-shirts he made for the campaign under a separate grant.

“A lot of people tell me their story when they see why I’m here,” Oliver said. “I just recorded what they tell me, sent it anonymously to You Good?” and give them a t-shirt. I’m not really an advisor, I’m just a messenger.

Want to know more about You Good? campaign here.

Two girls playing on a yellow swing in the grass.
Aleida and Selena Tran (facing front) used the sculpture – a swing – for all it’s worth. Photo by Abby Baker.

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